Office Backgrounds Required!

I’m looking for a variety of office backgrounds for a big city firm (the kind with a glossy/glass look to it). I need:

  • CEO Office
  • Vice President Office
  • Reception Desk
  • Junior PA office
  • Office Floor (the kind with lots of desks/booths)
  • A few different hallways
  • Conference/Meeting Room
  • Building Lobby
  • Roof Garden (with view of London preferable)
  • ALL of above with overlays

I know this may seem like a lot to ask but I would be ever so grateful and would give credit.

hey, here’s some pictures! I’m pretty sure you’d have to resize them though (on Simple Image Resizer website)


These are great, thank you, I’ll definitely use the hallways, but would need overlays for the desks and I don’t know how to do that :slight_smile:

ooh, I sometimes use an app (iBis Paint X) on my phone to erase everything!

OMG! I love these!

Could I use them!

of course!

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Should I give credits?

only if you want to. I mean I only found them, I didn’t create any lol

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Ok, tysm!

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Oh my- these are great. Please tell how to give you credit? :'D

hey there, these aren’t mine, I only found them hahah! but in case you want to credit me, feel free to use my instagram liaxrosie

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I absolutely love these, I’ve been hunting for the perfect office on Pexels for hours and just wasn’t satisfied with the ones I was seeing - you’ve helped me out so much! How can I credit you in my story?

hey there, I’m glad you find them useful :slight_smile: there is no need for credit, but if you really want to, feel free to use my instagram @liaxrosie :heart:


Who do I credit for the 4th picture?

i’m so late oh gosh, but I found them online so I have no idea

:joy::joy: no problem

hey can you you give overlay of desk :smiley: :smiley:

hey can you you give overlay of desk :heart:

Hi I love it!!!
Can I use them please?

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