(OFFICIAL) Ally's Splash Thread

Hey guys! As you all know, before, I opened Ally’s Splash Thread. I posted on there that I would make a new and better organized thread. If you want the status of the thread, please check my waiting list document, if you want some examples, click the example slideshow, and if you need anything else try looking below or pm me. By the way, requests are now open! And, before you request, please read the rules and the different form types.

Rules and Other Information
Thread Waiting Que/List and Thread Status
Example Slideshow
Request Sound Splashes
Request Mature Language/Theme Splashes
Request Episode/Chapter Splashes
Request Single Character Splashes
Request Advanced Spot Placing/Slow Zoom Splashes
Request Social Media Splashes

I hope you guys request! :slight_smile:

NOTE: Multiple Character Splashes have been removed, as they take up so much of my personal time. Sorry for the closure…


@Cindy @Wolfie @Faizahj786 @AlyssaDavis I am so so sorry, but your previous requests have been canceled. When I completed the character splashes, my computer crashed. The photos were gone from my files app last time I checked. I am so so sorry! Please request again to get them.

@Faizahj786 @AlyssaDavis Your requests have not been accepted, as you did not read the rules and did not provide the right splash keyword. If you read the rules, you would have found the splash keyword, therefore, your requests have been deleted. Please read the rules and resubmit your forms.

Thank you,


Hey, I sent a request, please get back to me as soon as possible : )


Hi, everybody. I wanna let you guys know that I will be starting requests tomorrow. I’ve been busy with school lately, but, I’ll make sure to get things done tomorrow.

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Hey, @jenni456! Your mature theme/language splash has been completed. Be sure to click the link for the right size of your picture and to credit me in your story, A Fresh Start. I will be checking for credit. Enjoy the splash, and, don’t hesitate to ask for your redo. It would be no problem.
Mature Language & Themes Splash

Mature Theme Splash

Mature Language Splash

Yes, just a little behind orders cause of school…

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: