Official Art Sharing and Feedback Thread

Do you want feedback on any artwork whether it’s a background edit, custom overlay, character edit, cover, splash, art scene, non episode related artwork, and more but you don’t want to create a WHOLE new thread for it? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here, just share your artwork down below and someone (whether it’s me or a random person reading through the thread), will give you feedback on it.

This thread is a way to receive constructive feedback on your artwork. Don’t intensionally try to put someone else down :roll_eyes: HAVE FUN!


Lol I really need feedback


Hi, I’d love some feedback for some edits I did. I’m going to be opening up an edit shop and would love some feedback before I do!


I love it! Maybe blend the makeup a little bit more? Otherwise it’s great!

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The vampire dream one is a good, the red pops out nicely as it’s against a black and white background. I also like the light reflection in the eyes on the girl with the yellow top and beach wave hair, it’s a subtle addition but it really does make a difference.

Have you tried using an episode character as reference and drawing the outline instead of adding the colour and details over pre-existing characters? I use Ibis Paint too, and drawing the outline instead gives you the opportunity to be creative with poses, outfits and hair :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback, I’ll definitely try blending it more!

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Hmm. Idk how to do that…

Can I have some feedback please?


Holy guacamole thats good


That’s really good!

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You use the layer option, have the episode character on layer 1 and you draw the outline on layer 2. Once you’ve drawn the outline, you can hide the layer with episode character so you can adjust anything you want :slight_smile:

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Thank you, yours are amazing as well!

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Thank you!

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They are good edits although I do agree the contour is a little too subtle as it’s almost unnoticeable. Maybe add a little eye shadow to bring out the highlight :slight_smile:

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That looks amazing! Teach me your ways :joy:

I’m gonna try making a bae edit, :joy:

The first one is beautful :heart: I love the detail on the top and the light you’ve added. Blending the shadowing on the arms, or maybe a fainter opacity pen would help to make it look less prominent :slight_smile:

The second edit looks great too. The extras you’ve added definitely give a sense of originality, like the comb and tattoos. Putting some more detail in the hair would help make it look just that little bit better as it looks a little blurry.

Great edits though :smiley:

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I need to learn how to make more realistic eyes.

Yours are really pretty!

Thank you, I’ll use this feedback for my next edits, thank you once again!