Official Art Sharing and Feedback Thread



Woahhhhhhh I love that so much


Thank you❤





Ayyyyy I saw Nia posted this on her story. She really liked it. :joy::joy: Yes ty for making my fav girl happy


Hehe :heart:


Made a limelight edit! Do you want to learn to make beautiful Limelight edits? Should I start a YouTube Channel for it? Reply below.



These are outlines I colored for outline contest: by the talented @anj and @Mystery.Author


I tried my 1st art scene annd ughh it looks awful I need a lot of feedback


Omg it’s literally amazing girl but maybe while doing the hair have the stabilizer on and use dip pen hard for the outline and use round brush real for the hair strokes but it’s beautiful :hot_face:


Hmm… I’m enetering this in an outline contest. Any suggestions? I have also tried out a new shading style, so if any of you have helpful tips I would love to hear it!



Idk if edits count as Art, but here’s an edit I just fnsibed for my story. Open for feedback!!



Maybe for the shading on the hair, blend out that single line to make it neater in the lighter spots?


Credit to @Mystery.Author for the outline!


Any feedback? :heart:


I have no feedback because I AM IN LUVV


Omg you r so talented


Thank you.