Official Art Shop Thread and more... {CLOSED} [5 Artists]


Ok I’ll do it

Sorry but what do you mean you with her hand attached to the string

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something like this

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So she’s crying and she has her hands out basically
And do you want the words of the background in front of the girl

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in front
and yeah

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Artist: @Samantha79
Background: Dark (or just INT. BLACK - NIGHT)
Character Details:


Extras: She is a water Elemental (As in she is an immortal with the gift of controlling water.)


Extras: She is a fire Elemental (As in she is an immortal with the gift of controlling fires.)

(MC) Ashlynn:

Extras: She is half elemental (As in her mother was human and her father was an immortal who’s DNA she took when she was born… aka she is 100% resembling her father)


Extras: She is an immortal half sister to the MC… she looks identical due to her immortal fathers strong genes but she is also mind compulsive… (her speciality is making her eyes glow as she compels her targets to do as she commands.)


Extras: She is the ghost of the MC’s father and Seidyrs miscarried child… The death Elemental… (She grew as a ghost thinking she was an alive immortal daughter of the two her whole life with the power of death an decay… She is somewhat deranged and emotional… but she looks like any normal person)


Extra: Deranged, Immortal father of MC who abandoned the MC at birth. (He can alter his appearance as a deceptive elemental.)

Pose: Added with character details…
Texts: BloodBound
Extras: Edits style - With their magic stated…
Authors: Snowy

It will be done by tomorrow! Thanks for your request.

I forgot to put the password, I just realised… Here it is anyways… apple

Just say which one you want then I can make also a small cover for you. :blush: I can change again if you want to.
Credit me by me forum name: @Samantha79

Black background

Without text

Black with effects

Without Text

Blue background

Without text

Blue with effects

Without Text

Pink black background

Without Text

Pink black with effects

Without Text




[quote=“Samantha79, post:1, topic:314737”]
Password: apple
Artist: @Jubels @Samantha79 @Random_doggo123 @Danielle318

Character Details:
Body- Copper 04
Brow-Arched Short
Hair-Short High Ponytail Color Platinum Ice
Eyes- Sharp Almond Color- Violet
Face-Heart Soft
Nose-Round Button
Lips-Full Round Pouty Color-Rose light Nude Matte
Pose: run_athletic_neutral_loop
Extras: N/A
I want a picture drawn that looks like my character is running with a serious look on her face and she is sweating a lot her body she is thin but in shape with six pack has bird tattoo on her stomach

Please let me know if any of you can do this I have a few more art scenes that I would like done If it would be okay with you guys i would like to request a few at scenes??

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Drawn or edited?


is this something that can be done

No, most of us do edited. Maybe check out the
Epi Lair Art Shop :maple_leaf: [OPEN]
Or the The velvet art shop :heart: (open)

@Sydney_H can you maybe close this?

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