I let out a purr reacting to his touch.




“How the fuck did she get your number? Are you fucking serious?”



I gave her a sweet kiss on her cheek…
“Please stop acting like a baby.”




I walked around…Bored as heck! I am still mad that this girl is a wolf which she is not…I turned into a shadow…and walked behind some poeple.

ORP: approachable!


ORP: I should add some x men lol wmuahahabab



I look at him. Wherever I ranked among the others in the group, didn’t think I needed much training, but I wasn’t sure. Either way, it wouldn’t hurt to train some more anyways.

“Okay, well where can we find her? Back at the school?”

@Kate_Potter @Ms.Kate



I sat in the hallway…talking to dad.

Natalia & her dad

Hey dad!
Dad: hi sweetie!
Natalia: How’s Uncle D?
Dad: he’s good but he’s always trying to kill himself.
Natalia: this girl wanted to kill me! And her boyfriend wanted to kill me too…
Dad: wow hope you didn’t show them that you Are a X men.
Natalia: I didn’t want to kill her but at the same time she wants to kill me!
Dad: well Later let’s go to diner with Scottie’s parents!
Natalia: okay I will be so happy!

Call Ended!




I haven’t talked to Cutter since you know. He’s probably mad at me right now. I took a sigh. I have to go to dinner tonight…I still haven’t did my date for Cutter I really want him to see who I am truly am…

@Madilnel Mentioned



I glare at him. Does he ever understand, how much he is important to me? Does he know, how much I lost already? If I lose him, I- will be broke…

“Fine.” I decide to act like I don’t care, and act very VERY mature




I pull my phone out and text Sean

Hey… you okay?




“Well…she should be somewhere with her boyfriend.” I say.



Orp: where was Jacob before I left


Orp: with Becca


Orp: k thx


I look at my phone and notice my text. Aria…I have no time to wonder about love drama right now.
I quickly send back.

Fighting business, busy sorry text u back later.




“Wanna go get some food?”






Grabs her shoes and starts walking to go get food.



I decide to not text him back… didn’t want to bother him when he is busy… so I will go grab some food!



I put on My shoes and follow her.



I walk to the cafeteria. Grab a plate of food and take a seat!