*Official* Background and overlay sharing websites

Guys, I am looking for a background editor who can edit bgs.
also an overlay creator.
For my story(s)

Or you can suggest me some helpful FREE websites

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some of us create overlays



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You might need to just look around. You aren’t likely to find many who will just offer their services on this thread. You need to look in art shops for people taking requests and you need to look in people’s drives to see if they have any backgrounds you could use instead (:

A background editor/creator is @Lujain_M

A regularly updated background/overlay creator @FlowerGriefer

Then there’s so many more people with drives etc… (:


Tysm I will check those

My friend on IG is a creator if you wish to contact her her handle is @eplooney bu t she doen’t have forums

and I don’t have ig for episode :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: maybe later

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Oh okay :sweat_smile:

If you have any requests you can tell me and I’ll pass them to her and if you want to access her drive I don’t think she’ll have a problem if she adds you to it through me, let me know

yes, please. That would be really helpful.

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DM me for whatever you want!

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Do you guys know any websites to find free overlays?

rawpixels has some you just have to make sure you in their free-png section on the side bar. Also, favpng has some. other sites might have too.



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Hey guys! Feel free to share you background and overlay drives here!