Official Background Sharing Thread

Here are some of my backgrounds that are free to use but you have to credit me “Elviirastories” in your episode and optionally in Instagram @mystories_episode. They’re not so good but I hope you like them! :smile:

modern-living-room ![piano|300x178] (upload://hdi5zLGT8tkxxqEUm1y1QiezO8M.jpeg) promises sound-splash-magnifying-glass


If you got this from Pixabay we shouldn’t have to credit you.

I didn’t get them from Pixabay, I made them all myself.

Do you have time to make me backgrounds?

Yes, I think so! What do you want? (I can’t promise they’ll be good though :sweat_smile: )

Really because I checked your last topic and these ppl say you got these backgrounds from pixabay.

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Hi, does anyone have a shooting range background. I currently don’t have the time (or the internet) to look through the whole thread, so I’m hoping someone can help me. Obviously, I’ll give credit.


Maybe @/amepisode

Here are some I made. I stayed up to 3 a.m just to finish these :sleeping: :sleeping: :exploding_head:



No credit needed


This is by thorneartstudio although i don’t think they are active anymore as their drive is shut


Omg that is awesome

Yes that does ring a bell!

Thank you❤️

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Do you have the day version of this? If so, can you PM it to me?

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Hey! I love the bathroom background and just wanted to make sure you wouldn’t mind if I used it. Thanks!

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Love your splashes I was wondering where I should credit you for it?

That one @brionyelizabeth uploaded is the day version. Although, Ages ago someone asked me to lighten it for them so here is that version I made.

Just make sure to credit Thorneartstudios as it is still her background.



Awww wow! Thank you so much❤️

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Np! :smile:

Thank you!

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