Official Background Sharing Thread

Their credit name should be their watermark.

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It’s on the background.

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Oooo lol I’m such an idiot thank you!

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It was just a misunderstanding, I’m glad I could help! :heart:

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A bit random but I made this just as an example for my background request thing (I will make 100% CUSTOM BACKGROUNDS for your story FAST! [FREE] [OPEN] if anyone wants to check it out)

I doubt it will come to an use but feel free to use it if u need it lol


Which backgrounds? I don’t think so.

Lol I’m lost

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DM me if you have any questions regarding my backgrounds :upside_down_face:

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I know but I thought someone might have it and could help me

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I did a beachy kitchen and living room to go with the beach house background.




Anyone know who made these backgrounds?


Hey @Jessie_G i loved your kitchen background. Do you have one with it at night? If you don’t, can i ask someone for help to make it?



Thank you so muuch!

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Here is a poor job at making the Philadelphia alleyway background day with not lights…


I only have limited sources right now so I might fix these later…


Not a poor job at all, I would use this if I ever had a need for it.

whos BG’s are these? id like to use a few.

i really don’t know i found them in google and Paintrest , i’m still searching for the owners thought ! , and if you find anything please let me know