Official Background Sharing Thread

That’s nice … I did something like that, but I made it PNG to be a overlay so I could make a loop

Here it is


Hey I would really like to use your cave, is there a version with a smaller watermark somewhere on the side? When I use stuff from people I need to credit, I usually do it myself either via readerMessage or via end credits (if it’s something they did for me that isn’t shown in the actual gameplay, for instance cover art, I credit them at the end)

why could i only vote “they’re okay”–theyre REALLY good lol. I mean it sis.

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Aw, thanks. Still practicing. =) but I really appreciate the good feedback.

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Here’s some new backgrounds I made and/or edited.

And their overlays:

And these are some backgrounds I found on Pixabay and modified.

(For some strange reason it keeps changing the overlays into jpeg instead of png. You still can find the overlays on my drive though. Just go to my instagram page and you’ll find the link to my drive there.)


no <3

Hello. I would love to use some of your backgrounds. How can I credit you?

Hello. I would love to use some of your backgrounds. How can I credit you?

With ReaderMessage or at the end of the episode you’ll be using my background(s) in, either @esm3rald or @esm3rald.episode (my Instagram).

My first background I every made. I didn’t want to trash it so I’ll share it. :joy:


This is amazing!! Ngl I will definitely be using this!!

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okay, thanks anyway

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This is adorable!
I can already tell you are going to be an extremely talented BG creator if this is your first one!

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Is there a blanket for the bedroom?

thank you so much :grin:

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OML these are soo cool i wonder what app you used to make them… anyways i have a script template for Your background i can share :relaxed:

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cool beans can’t wait to see it

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Please don´t mind the names i gave the overlays lmao i was fast when i was naming them cause i was excited to use the overlays

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This is THE PINK CAFE file


I can´t access your drive sorry my computer is acting up i can´t access anyones drive rn and i really like the BG :sleepy: