Official Background Sharing Thread


It says in the rules that this thread isn’t a request thread, so please take your requests somewhere else.

Please use the thread for its use, it is disrespectful to my cousin, aka the creator of this thread.


Oops so sorry. Thanks anyway!


Hi I was just scrolling down and saw this background and I saw it in a story and really loved it, does it belong to you? or do you know the person who it belongs to? because I’d like to ask if it’s okay to use in a story and then to know who to credit if it’s okay?


I do not know the person it belongs to, however I have the link of where I found it.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


No prob!


Here is another one I made!

My watermark is on it so you don’t need to credit me as long as you don’t crop it out :slight_smile:


hey where can i find the overlays for this backround


I would ask whoever you got the background from


I’m not sure.

Next time, please do not bring your questions about BGs here. I would pm the creator, @miya.episode.


What apps could I use to create my own background


Please note that this thread is to share backgrounds, not questions about them. :slight_smile:


I made this bedroom and it’s for twins who are complete opposites as you can tell. What do you guys think??


Looks good!


Question, uh. Who do I credit?


Can you pm me


For which backgrounds?


I haven’t decided


Well, depending on where it’s from (drive or topic), you’ll have to find the background name on the google doc and check for the creator.

However, for backgrounds here, you credit the original poster.


There is a document on the drive stating which backgrounds belong to who but what I typically do if I receive work from artists on the Forums I would credit their username in a readerMessage or in the credits :blush: