Official Background Sharing Thread


Thank you so much :heart::heart:


Hey, can I use your kitchen background in my upcoming story? It’s really good and I’ll give you the credits. :slight_smile:


can i use your sound and mature themes one?






Yep! What do you need?


@MadisonW and @Kelise.d


Please be sure to keep requesting off of this thread. This thread is to mainly share backgrounds.


with overlays

to create a balcony scene :heart_eyes:


Added a couple more things today :slight_smile:
Click here


This is @miya.episode overlay from her drive. :slight_smile:


I borrowed overlays from some. credit WILL COME!!! New%20Composition_2018-09-25%2017-18-05 New%20Composition_2018-09-25%2017-22-58


SMG. Episode Aaliyah 11, Shelly, Christy. Episode. TW


SMG. Episode Aaliyah 11, Shelly, Christy. Episode

You put these in another post mine as well add them here


Add my backgrounds?


You made another post to credit the people for backgrounds correct?




I think smf.episode switched her name to shellyg.episode




you should credit editors in your story, not here


You should ask first if you allowed to make backgrounds using someone else’s backgrounds/overlays. Some editors are not allowing using their edits to create new backgrounds.