Official Background Sharing Thread


np! Hope you found one you liked :slight_smile:


Yes. I found one. :blush:


Do you mind If I use the night club background? It goes really well with the theme of my bar background called The Neptune. I will credit you as well.


Hi jessie_G, Is it ok if I use one of your overlays for my story? if so how do I credit you?


I’ve got a google drive with some background in it! I also take request if you need any.


Here’s an edited version of the frat house background. I’d prefer if you credited me, but you don’t have to. It was a simple edit lol


Hey, do you mind if i use use your backgrounds? xx


You can use them freely, that’s what this topic is for! :smiley:


hey guys. Does anyone have any interior castle backgrounds, Since I am using pixaby now, i am still looking, This is not a request, but I am just asking if anyone has any, If you do, please let me know,



Here is a waiting room I made. With table overlay if needed.


hey can i use your kitchen background
How will i credit you


here is two background i created
feel free to use them just be sure to credit


No need, it’s just a recolor of the episode one :slight_smile:


This is my first photo edit but if anyone wants to use this for a period drama they can.

Here is the original for regular stories too.

I guess just credit me for the first one if you want too. If you want a night version I have one too.


ok thanks


I’m just glad someone likes it


its terrific


Ya. That’s fine with me. Sorry, I’m not really on here anymore.


No worries, thank you and how may I credit you?