Official Background Sharing Thread

Yeah it took about 4 days for mine. It usually takes from around a day to a week

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Damn…That’s ages! Thanks for the heads up :+1:t3:

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I’m new to episode and I am looking for the open locker background and I can’t seem to find it does anyone by chance know where I can? She makes great backgrounds I’d look here



Hi everyone!
I was wondering if anyone new a great app or website or software for background designing.


if you want to resize an image or more and see it clear you should try

-Andreea1 :kissing_heart:


Just noticed this! Thanks for the mention :slight_smile:


Edit 4/22/2018: Recently changed my IG username. Formerly smg.episode, but now I’m shellyg.episode on Instagram!

Edit 7/15/2018: I’ve revoked access to my Google drive since the end of April. Please do not ask me to send you the link. I took down my Google drive because a lot of people did not give me credit, and reposted/edited without permission and claimed it as their own work.

Here’s some of my custom backgrounds (and overlays) I’ve made/edit/photographed. Feel free to use them as long as you credit me somewhere. :slight_smile:


Made it as an overlay also in case you wanted a different background :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, I have made a mansion winter background that I thought I’d share so you guys can use it too!
Feel free to use it your stories but please if you use it give me some credit x


I know this is a late reply, but I use Pixlr for photo editing and resizing. It’s also useful for image manipulation, however it’s not the best when it comes to more complex photoshopping. (The brushes are very limited and the tools are basic) Pixlr is good for editing online images, adding texts to images, and making custom splashes.

If your planning on doing more complex photoshopping I’d use an actual Photoshop app or an art app like Krita, which is free.

If you’re talking realistic rooms and settings, you could use 3d furniture programs or build mode on the Sims and create these settings by scratch and screenshot the images at front facing angles.

These are the things I use, although I highly suggest Pixlr since I use it for virtually all of my backgrounds. :slight_smile:


This is my first edited background! It’s not great but if you need to use it, go ahead! Just credit me as either ki_writesepisode or just Ki.

  • Apparently episode says it’s not tall enough, eventough I used an episode pic. Soooo they cannot be uploaded, I will replace these pics with uploadable pics as soon as I figure out what to do.
  • It’s fixed now but the pic includes 4 panels and only 3 can be uploaded (you’ll see what I mean when you upload the pic)

Hii! I have a few backgrounds that I edited :smile: (It’s my first time using photoshop so don’t judge :flushed:)
I added the tree (I think it’s ready to use as an overlay, but I’m not sure). You don’t necessarily have to credit me (@coco.ep), as long as you don’t say it’s yours. Cause it took me a hella lot of time…



That’s really good what did you use?

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Me? I just used photoshop, I think I have a 7-day trial tho. But I really liked it so I might buy. I highly recommend it and there are a lot of tutorials on youtube as well if you’re stuck.

And thnxxx btw :blush:


Those are pretty! :hearts:

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Thank you so much :smile:

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Awesome! Thank you so much! :slight_smile: :heart: