Official Background Sharing Thread





The towel is bad


I Made these Tattoo shop backgrounds which are watermarked so you don’t have to give me actual credit. The shop is open 24 hours and is mostly suited towards Limelight.

This is the actual room where people get tattooed in:

I will add to this when I can :slight_smile:

Here is the desk overlay:

Here is the Tattoo Bed Overlay (It’s pretty ugly xD):


can i use the tattoo backgrounds please


sure! That’s why there here :slight_smile:


thanks do you require credit


My watermark is on them so no but you can if you want :slight_smile:



I’ve made a background. It’s really bad. I made overlays to go with it though so


Could someone please tell me who created this background so I can give proper credit in my story when I use, thank you. ; Again, I DID NOT CREATE THIS, I’M JUST LOOKING FOR THE CREATOR!


Here is a new background


@faithy_edits made this background.


Spot the difference


The silver vases have lower opacity. Is that it ?


No Flowers are gone, Different Angle, Credit in the picture




Okay, thank you!



Pretty sure most people don’t allow you to use their background or overlays to make your own.