Official Background Sharing Thread


What background was that?


press the little arrow next to the post it will show the image you posted stating you used their overlays and you would credit


That’s my background, it was spot the difference I’m K.episode


Yes I know its your background but you used peoples overlays.
my I state

“I borrowed overlays from some. credit WILL COME!!!”

Most artists don’t allow their overlays to be used to make your own backgrounds. I know for sure @shellyg.episode doesn’t allow it.


That’s when I was a newcomer, then I learned everyone’s rules, so now I make my own stuff, I’m asking in the nicest way and mind your own business- Thank you very much :kissing_heart::blush:


P. S I don’t borrow overlays anymore,


This picture with the house it’s a background of @lara.jane.writes (she deleted her IG) but she had a rule that you can’t use her work.


I know, I was a newcomer I didn’t know the rules


what I made :slight_smile:


hi can i use this background?



image image image image



Give credit to @missrere.episode


Of course. :blush:


Another recolour :slight_smile:


can I use this?


how do i credit you do you have instagram or i just say " credits to WolfGamerGirl37"


You can credit me on with that username and my instagram if you want in your story. My instagram is gamer_wolf_mania34. Let me know if you want the night version too.


Of course, feel free use them! :slight_smile: Sharing is caring


Hi can I use this? How can I give u credit?


Hey does anyone here have a car overlay? I really need them, thank you! P.S : I’ll give you credit, don’t worry :grinning:


Just made this. Sorry it’s bad