Official Background Sharing Thread


Hi! Just letting you know I applied for access :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’m glad to hear, I’ve just added you to My Drive now. :blush:


Your Backgrounds are really good. I was wondering how to credit you as I would love to use them.
:grin: :+1: Also could I privately request If you don’t accept requests that’s fine :grin:


Hey you can credit me on my Instagram which is @nylahlovesu1
I do take requests I have a thread somewhere if you search my name it should come up but you’re more than welcome to message me instead


hey, just letting u know i asked for access on ur drive by filling out the form😊


Thx a bunch :grin:




background i found on pexels i think its so cute uwu

free to use no credit lol


I like the way your PFP and your name matches I keep laughing


I didn’t


I’m about sick of you and your drama I will report you


Okay what happened this time


Okay Sure :unamused: What proof


ok you 2 stop fighting its wrong to steal others work but this is not a thread for fighting


Your right I keep trying to do this maturely, but she keeps coming out of nowhere it’s really immature


you are both being immature i was calmly being nice and asking you 2 to stop so please stop THANKYOU!!!


Okay I apologize for my immature actions, I hope this will be more positive in the future and we can leave this negativity in the past, but for I need a break.


thank you


Your welcome, I hope you enjoy the the rest of your evening.


pv1_back_WHITE_BLANKET_2_5729327995944960_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_SALMON_COLORED_BLANKET_5631242217193472_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_RED_BLANKET_1_5695586732867584_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_PURPLE_BLANKET_5697070107197440_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_PINK_BLANKET_2_5647906690301952_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_PINK_BLANKET_5730192894984192_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_GREY_BLANKET_3_5725722907770880_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_GREY_BLANKET_2_5729940565655552_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_GALAXY_BLANKET_5638404075159552_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_FLORAL_BLANKET_1_5762244625301504_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_BLUE_BLANKET_3_5762702576189440_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_BLUE_BLANKET_2_5711832983535616_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_BLUE_BLANKET_1_5735425238892544_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160
The third one, the red knit one, is made by Kyra. Please give her credit for that if you use it.