Official Background Sharing Thread


thank you


Your welcome, I hope you enjoy the the rest of your evening.


pv1_back_WHITE_BLANKET_2_5729327995944960_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_SALMON_COLORED_BLANKET_5631242217193472_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_RED_BLANKET_1_5695586732867584_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_PURPLE_BLANKET_5697070107197440_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_PINK_BLANKET_2_5647906690301952_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_PINK_BLANKET_5730192894984192_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_GREY_BLANKET_3_5725722907770880_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_GREY_BLANKET_2_5729940565655552_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_GALAXY_BLANKET_5638404075159552_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_FLORAL_BLANKET_1_5762244625301504_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_BLUE_BLANKET_3_5762702576189440_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_BLUE_BLANKET_2_5711832983535616_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_BLUE_BLANKET_1_5735425238892544_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160


pv1_back_TATTOO_9_5734055144325120_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_TATTOO_8_5656058538229760_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_TATTOO_7_5639445604728832_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_TATTOO_6_5759051853987840_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_TATTOO_5_5686003050217472_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_TATTOO_4_5746311907246080_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_TATTOO_3_5681097123823616_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_TATTOO_2_5710096743006208_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160 pv1_back_TATTOO_1_5671321778257920_e2d082358fa28ff0a14301df5755c160


So I won’t get flagged or reported if i use these with no credit?


More new Halloween Backgrounds.
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Is it possible for me to access your drive in return that I credit you , won’t change or edit your work , I dont distribute your work and I won’t claim it as mine.


I filled out the access form, just wanted to let you know :blush::revolving_hearts:


What the hell? You can’t post my bedrooms in your folder or of any other people! There is even a background of katrine.episode !


how do credit you? i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all your BG’s


Wow, better to start changing those access settings so people wont steal your work. Put watermark on it. I really dont get people at all. 🤦🤦🤦


@Penance @AMagic I think we can all agree we did cause enough on Lanafrazer’s thread, so I’d recommend starting a private message where you could sort things out.
And, @Penance, I understand you’re looking out for background makers, but ultimately, it can’t be determined you can change someone’s actions. So if not, then perhaps we’d have to live with it, because life is life. I appreciate that you continue to help.
Back on topic:
Yep, if you share backgrounds, either make them free for everyone, or perhaps add a small watermark which shows it’s your background0 but somewhere that it can’t be easily erased with photoshop- or make an identifiable background- e.g: Post it on Instagram, forums, etc, so people will recognize it.




I have watermarks!!! But they Continue stealing !


@CinnamonToast message me private please.


Ah alright then, it was just advice, I will stop “@” you. Well, it’s not my business anymore but I hope you end up with a good conclusion.
This message will be deleted tomorrow morning due to being off topic.


Now, I am not sure if this is okay or not to add a thread to it, but just want to talk to background editors, please join the conversation, and answer some questions, if you would like or want to. You dont have to if you dont feel like it. Understood. Just want your honest opinions, and views.


For those trying to steal other people’s hard work Joseph Evans has a tutorial on how to make backgrounds with a free program.
Go teach yourself like everyone else does.
Thank you


Boom, another well said. Lets not get off topic though, but good saying.


(Why thank you!)

“Background by @eclecticgimere” will do.