Official Background Sharing Thread


Credit me at K.episode let me update my Google drive real quick and I’ll send you the link



When giving credit, what would you like me to use? I absolutely LOVE this BG


Would love to use the office and give credit. thank you


Does anyone have like a magical scene, with fireflies and flowers?


You don’t have to credit me, but thanks for asking! :slight_smile:


I will always ask first lol! Thankyou :grin:


Made these a while ago as expirments. Credit me @hotel.hideaway_stories on Instagram. Thank you!

(Change the movie part, it wasn’t accepted because of that.)
#Kidd Can’t Draw


Does Anyone Have A Hot Spring Background


I scrolled through about 7 times now to try and find i, but yesterday I found a BG that was a large dining table that had like 6 chairs. Does anyone have it or know who does? I absolutely cannot find it now.


Could someone give me a hand overlay that will look like someone’s holding a magic ball?


@Maybree Was it the one background in these posts?


No, it was from April, I found it in her drive this morning :slight_smile: I used one of you BG and want to make sure I credit you properly. I entered it into my script as this:



Okay good. I’m good with that credit too. Thank you!


PERFECT. Thank you for sharing <3


No problem!


Photo studio background! All free to use, give credits. All be making more soon.



Here’s some more backgrounds that I’ve uploaded to my drive[link-].Credit is required. My instagram is @miya.episode.


Library Backgrounds. Hm…I dont kinda like it but it was worth a try. :wink:

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I’d like to share my bgs and overlays with you guys too! I’ll provide my link and make sure to credit me with my IG username : @starx.bgs .And here’s my link `

` .

I’ll also provide few of my bgs so you can take a look at it, I’ve only added the day versions and you can find the night version in my drive. Thanks if you’re using it😊