Official Background Sharing Thread


PERFECT. Thank you for sharing <3


No problem!


Photo studio background! All free to use, give credits. All be making more soon.



Here’s some more backgrounds that I’ve uploaded to my drive[link-].Credit is required. My instagram is @miya.episode.


Library Backgrounds. Hm…I dont kinda like it but it was worth a try. :wink:

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I’d like to share my bgs and overlays with you guys too! I’ll provide my link and make sure to credit me with my IG username : @starx.bgs .And here’s my link `

` .

I’ll also provide few of my bgs so you can take a look at it, I’ve only added the day versions and you can find the night version in my drive. Thanks if you’re using it😊


Repost/Update - I just wanted to share my drive which has overlays, backgrounds, splashes, Add-ons and code packs - which have a background and overlays plus the code to place the overlays to make it a heap easier for people. There’s lots on my drive and I’m always adding more. Much of it I’ve made myself but there is some Episode edited content as well. Anyone is free to use this stuff provided they credit me and fill out a quick Access Form. Enjoy! :smile:




Made this, no need for credit because it is trash lmao. :sunny:


Here is another part of burger prince. Should I make the ordering part.


These are very helpful thank you!


School Snow Backgrounds. free to use. Give credits.


I might use these for my College Days story. These look really good!


cool. feel free to use it


Thank you!


I wanted to share this here… It’s the top view of the bed of the INT. HOSPITAL BED - DAY background, I drew it to use in my story… No credit needed if you want to use it


Can I use it?


I will use one of them for my story “Facing My Demons.”. How do I credit you?


sure u can use it. its free to use. u can credit me in your story.


nice :heart_eyes: