Official Background Sharing Thread


No need for credit if you do, credit me at epy.unique101


Feel free to use this! I added a car park, flipped the background and added a few light bits of colour on the Trees and Bushes to make it less bland.

Credit me @Cecca.Episode on Instagram :smile:


That looks super good :+1:t5:


Thanks! I’ve been practicing a lot lately :smiley:


Well looks like it payed off :blush:



That’s really good


I made this background for my story, but anyone can use it, just don’t remove my signature plz :cherry_blossom:


"Credit to @CinnamonToast for this night verison


The first one needs some work


Are these beds usable can I use these or do I have to delete it



Hey! :grin: I’m working on my first story. I could use some help… I need a bedroom that has a style like the INT. DINING ROOM RESIDENTIAL - DAY (its one of the backgrounds avaible for all stories). I need the bed in a side, not frontal. Does someone have a background like that? I’ll give credits of course!


I can help but let’s go to my thread



Feel free to use, the only thing I ask is to mention me in your story if you decide to use this background.



Here are some backgrounds i made, you can use em’ if you want too. Those are ice skating bg btw. The only thing I ask is to mention me in your story @br3e.epi ty.


If you use these please credit @Bridi


Some sci-fi backgrounds I think other people could use too:

And a tv screen and a crate overlay:


Hey hun, is it ok if I add a little more fire to the firepit or do you have a background with a full fire going?