Official Background Sharing Thread


And Here are some others edits


If you use them. Credit me @deathwritten1901. Thankyou. :grin:


Wow! I really like those backgrounds, can I use them in my story? Could you give me a name you’d like to be credited by?





Christmas background. Credit me @lanafrazer.episode. Ill be making more soon. :blush:



fantasy bedroom :wink: Credit me @lanafrazer.episode


Some of these are requests and some are from abandon stories. They’re just small edits of episode backgrounds.



more fantasy. will be added to my drive. Credit me @lanafrazer.episode






Does anyone have a cloud overlay?? I’m needing to make a heavenly scene


Can I use them, and how do I credit you?


Who do I credit them too?


Wow. You made those? They look a lot like the ones used in the olympics… Here is a picture, for reference.

My suggestion:
Go to GOOGLE, type in Matmut skating rink, and tons of picures of the same arena “made” by this person will come up. I had a picture, but “The System” made me take it down.

The background you made:
Go to GOOGLE. Type in empty skating rink. Upload it to your Episode Account, so that you are unable to trace it back to where you got it. Post it on here. Take a picture that wasn’t yours, and ask for credit that IS NOT WARRENTED!

Don’t credit this person. Allow me to prove my point:

Here is a background. I made it. Give me credit. I need recognition.

Now that that’s over, here is a background that I fixed up, and drew. It comes with an overlay.

Picture not available


You Good.


Thank you.


I really love your work. Lets just say I’m a fan. bitmoji-20181224094954


Hello, dont know if y’all have seen this but @Dara.Amarie has a hidden pisode backgrounds drive.


God Zam, These are good, why are they hidden