Official Background Sharing Thread


Here are these
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Anyone have a fun carnival background?


Does anyone do requests?!


I do, but we can’t do it here


Do you have Instagram


No I have a thread. But can you just PM me


Okay I’ll pm you now!


New Background!!!


Does anyone have backgrounds for a poorer household? Most living room, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms etc are for nicer or fancier houses that not everyone has. I was looking for something more like this:


I made these backgrounds for my story!

The first two are a Jungle cave - Night and Day versions.

The other is a Quarry park that only comes in a Day Version :wink:


Here are some season splashes that I made for a story I’ve started working on! Feel free to use, but of course be sure to credit me. :heart:


I like how your story’s name is “lol”


hey guys. sorry i didn’t have background to share, but did smg.episode deleted their gdrive link? Because i can’t access them now :frowning:


Does anyone have any funeral backgrounds? Me and @AuthorMDWrites are both looking for one

Credit will be given obviously


What do you mean




Hey Guys!

I edited the Abandoned Factory background and to me it looks like all the lights have been turned on. I patched a hole in the ceiling and added some more glass to the little door and changed the light to green.

Here is the old background for Comparisons sake -

And here are the two versions are made :wink:


Your Editing Skills are amazing :two_hearts::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sparkles:


Thank you Hun! :smiley:


How do we credit you for the backgrounds? :sweat_smile: