Official Background Sharing Thread


How do we credit?:sweat_smile:


It depends who your talking to. But if it’s me K.episode


sorry @AMagic i forgot to add your name in the comment but it was for you thnk you :slight_smile:


Here are some backgrounds I made


So cute :heart_eyes:


Hospital Backgrounds


Here’s some of my newer backgrounds :smile:


hey guys, just wondering if anyone has any cool “modern” house backgrounds. I thought I saw one in the thread but I can’t find it. BTW you guys are hella talented. <3


Any examples of what your talking about


well im looking for a house with big glass windows, really not picky. but i cant seem to find the right bg for my story. i did see a bg of a big white mansion with the option to use it with a gate or without but i seemed to have lost it in the thread.


Hmm. Is it realistic looking


no worries, i ended up finding a public domain image and then edited it on photoshop so it worked out. you guys wanna see my first edit lol



i have the day version but for some reason i have to resize it and idk how to do that lol im still a photoshop noob hehehe


I can resize it


Here are some with my watermark, I will be adding them in my drive without it.


I have added the following:

  • Tap Slowly
  • No Sound
  • No Mature Content
  • To Be Continue


just made 3 more edits to an original epi room

may not be great edits. but im working on it :smiley:

if you like it you can use it. just give me credit @tlava.epi


This is super cute!!! :heart_eyes:


Thank you :purple_heart: