Official Background Sharing Thread


Ty for this btw <3


Okay just do those steps


Please tell us how :heart_eyes:


That’s beautiful and I think the youtube channel is a good idea. I’d love to know how to edit like that!! :heart_eyes:


@DeathWritten @southampton23 Its a work in progress. Im still teaching my self how to make the guys. But I will do a tutorial with the girls.


Girl yes!


You should! It would be good to know how to make edits, covers, etc by myself


yes! I saw it on your Instagram and I am desperate to know how you did it :slight_smile:


I said yea because it was cute, NOT TO BE RUDE,but where’s the difference, sorry if I sound rude


Just to make this short and sweet I make these from scratch literally piece by piece. Arm by Arm, Leg by leg. It’s kind of hard to explain because it’s really complicated. That’s why I need to make a video on it so you can see what I mean.
These are body bases that I remastered and recolored.



That’s AMAZING :two_hearts::heart_eyes:


Trust me when I say its super hard to do and really time consuming but as you can see from the creation up above it came out beautiful.


New Story Cover

'Cause the things we write in the summer sand
The I love you’s and the future plans
Disappear, slip right through your hand



do i credit you for these??


Yeah K.episode



Does anyone have a background where the door is open and closed? Day and night?


Oh yeah, I’m finished with that, you just didn’t tell what background you wanted for the open one. :sweat_smile:


Oh shoot, I apologize for that. I would like a