Official Background Sharing Thread


I made a closet background
If you’d like the image with a small watermark pm me.:blush:


New Fantasy Backgrounds. Click the link to my thread to get backgrounds. Always give credits if used.



Hey guys! I have a few different variations of this background that I edited. It has a similar colour scheme to the last bedrooms I posted :slight_smile:






here’s one i made quickly - no need for credit



uh do i have to put my name in? i don’t like releasing info about me online…


All your details will stay completely confidential as long as you follow the rules (which are basically that you have to credit and not share my work with other and that you may not claim my work as your own) :grin:


How can I credit you for the last 3 backgrounds?? They’re perfect!!:smiley:


Credit me by @lanafrazer.episode


Hi there. Can I use two of your backgrounds and if so how can I credit you??


woops wronf one


lol it’s okay, it happens :smiley:


Hm. I wonder what other backgrounds I should work on. :thinking:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: yeah.


Ill be working on some more fantasy and other things. :blush::sunglasses:


Here are backgrounds I made don’t know if they are useful but here they are


wow, very nice. Oh! Can I use the last one for a splash? Ill credit u as well to be put on the splash as well. :wink:


I’m going start (or try to start :joy:) making backgrounds and overlays, does anyone know how to upload backgrounds into a Google drive for people to see. Like they have on Instagram?

I’m sorry for being slow…

  1. Go to your google drive.

  2. Once you get there, click "New ", then click “Folder” to create a new folder.

  3. Once you created the new folder, click on “New” and then click on “File upload”.

There you will upload the background to that folder for your drive.