Official Background Sharing Thread


Oh wait this isnt the art sharing background. But really all any one need to do was tag me in it and i would have just deleted it.




your work is very nice. Keep it up! N lol. :joy:


i love ur work!!!


I hate getting flaged. People are too scared to open their mouths.


i get flagged alot lol


No. They are not actually scared, unless they don’t want to say anything, and just go with the flow or move on I guess.

Welp, im going to work on some requests. :v:t3:


k bye! :wave:


Yeah a lot of them are.


have u done any backgrounds lately


ok. :+1:t3:


What apps do you guys use to make bgs?


I use ibis Paint X it’s really easy I tried medibang I just gave up it’s way to difficult


photoshop cs6 but I am on free trial.


Understandable I mean Adobe Elements is expensive the editor was like $300 I wanted it so bad not only that but it had a $50 monthly fee


yeah, smt. I hate it when they do that.


Exactly the editor I want now is like $1,000 so no thanks any video editor suggests?


make a thread on that, not this one cause this is a background sharing. XD


Oki brb lol


I’m right here if u need me :yellow_heart::heart_eyes: