Official Background Sharing Thread


Oooh, hey shishtarr


oh sorry! I didn’t want to tag you in case you got upset :sweat:

No hate, lovely edits but it’s not the right thread :slight_smile:


Here are some empty room background edits I did. You are allowed to edit, add, use, and share them for Episode related purposes only. So feel free to add decorations and furniture! :innocent: Although it is appreciated, you are not required to credit me.


Oooooooooo, those are awesome!:heart_eyes:


Thank you. :innocent:




Can I edit these? Or use them they are AMAZING


I’ve been looking for something like this, so thanks!


You can edit and use them. :innocent:


You’re welcome!


Those are amaZing!!! :100::100::100:


I will Credit you




Alright. :innocent::heart:


The apartments in the window remind of Okinawa military base apartments in Japan. I might use these if you don’t mind? I can credit you and nice job on the picture!


Thank you! Do you have more backgrounds? I’d love to see them :heart_eyes:


Sure they’re in my drive, I haven’t worked on some in a while


can I see some of your backgrounds?