Official Background Sharing Thread

Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi everyone!

I have a few backgrounds that I uploaded to the portal around a year ago and now I can’t remember who made them! I want to give Credit accordingly to the right person, so any help would be appreciated!
Would anybody be able to help?

I’ll upload them below:

Thank you xxx


Piper bedroom is the same as the LOFT that Lonewolfe rendered on her drive.

Excuse me, it’s a little messy, but I found and made these:

OFFICE2 pv1_back_INT__HEAVENOFFICE_5727389891952640_8efc0c5fbf1b7f0b3fb92ed18e5ea858 pv1_back_INT__HEAVENOFFICE_5727389891952640_8efc0c5fbf1b7f0b3fb92ed18e5ea858-2
I also have some overlays
(I thought I had the desk somewhere to… if you need it let me know.


Im late asf but this is so cute :two_hearts:

hey i need help i know i shouldn’t ask here but i need it asap and some of yo guys may know
so basically i need an overlay the problem is it’s from a photo that i download so if someone can help me i need someone to make me an overlay for the table
sorry for my bad english
here is the image:
i need the table to be an overlay so i can put a character behind the desk and all this
please help me :sweat_smile:
than you :heart:

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How should I credit you?

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Most persons use reader’s message

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Ik, but I meant, like, by Insta or Forums or whatever she prefers to be credited by

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If she only found them then no credit is needed as she doesn’t own them and I think when she says she made them she means the overlays?


You don’t have to credit me. I found the pictures online and edited them.

Here are some backgrounds I’ve made, feel free to use them and just credit me as @amethystg.stories on insta


Do you have one with an open door?

Here are mine:

Credit is not needed (lol I’ve been there where I get backgrounds and have no idea where it came from) but if you want to credit me or you just remember who made these backgrounds then just Stargazer54 is fine- any way you want to credit me is fine.

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Great threaddd :(((((9999999

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Here are some of my backgrounds that are free to use but you have to credit me “Elviirastories” in your episode and optionally in Instagram @mystories_episode. They’re not so good but I hope you like them! :smile:

modern-living-room ![piano|300x178] (upload://hdi5zLGT8tkxxqEUm1y1QiezO8M.jpeg) promises sound-splash-magnifying-glass


If you got this from Pixabay we shouldn’t have to credit you.

I didn’t get them from Pixabay, I made them all myself.