Official Background Sharing Thread

With ReaderMessage or at the end of the episode you’ll use my background(s) in. Either @esm3rald or @esm3rald.episode (my Instagram).

This is awesome! Would you like credit or are you okay with no credit so long as they aren’t claimed?

I love the fifth one, are these backgrounds by you xx? i would like to know who to credit! as it is very important @Dark_Times <3

hey love, do you have an insta or anything i can do to credit u xx

thank you thank you thank you!!! i will cred u thanks so much omg

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Glad you liked them!

It’s up to you. But I’m fine with the credit.

I don’t have an insta, but you can credit my forum name. Just mention that the background is edited by me. :grin:

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Alright, thank you! I’ll make sure to credit you, you deserve it

Hey! I’m a BG creator here sharing my work! There’s still more on my drive which is linked here:

All I ask is for you to use credit when you include my background in your story.

I will be creating more in the future but I’m currently having a break to write my story.

I do take requests on @episodeceleste on Instagram.


Does anyone have this background?

I got this bg from this thread, and there are more than 1000 bg’s in this thread so i can’t find the original owner, I need the overlays for the cashier counters and the person who made them, can anyone help me out a little

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The original owner is @miya.episode

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Do you have night version this bc ?

No and idk who the owner is still so I havent used it

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Thank you so much!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :+1:

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Hey by chance you don’t have an abandon warehouse inside like with shipping contianers and boxes in it. Or do you know of anyone that does.
I need the inside and outside of a Abandon warehouse?

Could you give me the night version as well?

No, I don’t have. Maybe you can search at episode life or @amepisode drive.

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I love the room what should I credit you as and I would love the night version too🖤

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