Official Background Sharing Thread

This is probably somewhere else in the thread but here’s a night version of Hydrangea lane. :slight_smile:


can anyone help me find the owner of this background?


Can I get an intro for my story please. Both mature themes and This story uses sounds. Something like that. I will credit anyone that help please.

This isn’t really a requesting thread, there are plenty of other threads you can go to tho.

Any recommendations

Hi there sorry to bother, but I would love to use your backgrounds.
I’m new to the forum and would appreciate if you could dm me My Ig @breyonnastories and follow me I will follow you back. Thank you for your time💗 have a bless day🙏

Hi, can I ask who exactly is Miss K.? Where can I find her? I can’t find her here neither on IG

mine take about 3-5 hours to approve