Official Background Sharing Thread

Click on my profile and choose message me :slight_smile:

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Can someone make day version of these two backgrounds???


They are not mine. If anyone wants to use these be sure to credit @episode.uwe:slightly_smiling_face:


You can maybe try asking the creator? Because maybe they wouldn’t want their work to be edited? :sob:

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Where should i ask them.???

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Where did you get this background from, if from their Instagram, then maybe there?

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I got this background from this thread :sweat_smile::disappointed_relieved:

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Oh I see, well I would edit it for you, but like I said some artist don’t let others edit their work, maybe try contacting them on Instagram?

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Thanks😊… And I don’t have Instagram… now where should i contact them

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Credit me as @lady-lapis.

Edit: I added a few more.

A couple of geeky bedrooms.

A retro apartment.


Edited backgrounds.


Simple background Edits, please credit @Marysol.Episode :heartpulse: