Official Background Sharing Thread


Does anyone know who made this background, I downloaded it a while ago from a drive but recently lost my list telling me what I got from who? Please help me if you know :blush: xx



Has anybody got any backgrounds that are appropriate for a Mafia story?

I need one where they all meet up to discuss plans, an office, a dock yard with shipment containers and any house ones INT or EXT.

Thanks in advance :heart:


Wow your backgrounds are amazing.


I’ll check the credit for you.


Thank you, that would mean a lot :slight_smile: xx


Someone named Ruby B. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much xx


Is that her Insta name or her name on the forum?





Background I made





If someone needs, I made a day version of the background.


Hey! I would like to use your background for my story if you don’t mind? (Also I’m new here so I’m not sure how can I credit you) Thank you


Any backdrop listed on the background page of my website may be used in an EPISODE STORY, and credit is not required. If you would still like to credit, just mentioning @corvaena anywhere would be just fine.

A lot of the backdrops were edited using Episode owned assets, so they cannot be used elsewhere . I’m glad you found them useful! <3


HEY guys whose drive is that coz i lost the comment and i need to credit the owner




Thank you haha :hearts:


I don’t know if this’ll help but I personally use PicMonkey. The background I made using that website is posted right above your comment :slight_smile:


That’s the Shipping one found on the Episode art catalogue which you can add the container overlays too.

Didn’t know whether you had seen this one :sweat_smile:


Thank you! I hadn’t!


Do you know where I could get a container overlay?