Official Background Sharing Thread

As you guys know, on the old forum, there was an Official Background Sharing Thread, and our fellow admins couldn’t move it.

SO, I have made a google drive with all of its old backgrounds.

If you guys wanna share some of your backgrounds, go ahead and do so, cause this is the new Official Background Sharing Thread.


  1. Please make sure that you do not request backgrounds here. We’re here to share backgrounds, not requests.
  2. If you share backgrounds here, make sure that you are giving us permission to put them in the drive. People who already have their BGs in a drive will not have their backgrounds put in the original drive.

Enjoy the backgrounds.


This is awesome! Thanks for putting them all in a drive! The drive had me ask for permission though to open it.


Oh, sorry about that! I’ll go ahead and change that for ya!

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Oh my goodness thank you so much for doing this.:grin::grin::grin:


This is so useful! I want to contribute to this collection, so should I just post my backgrounds here on this forum since I can’t edit the folders in Drive?

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Yep, just post them here and I’ll add them to the drive.

Can I post ones I’ve just resized?

Sure, no problem!

I’m sorry for so many also thought of adding the sound and warning backgrounds if people wanted them


Here are some splashes I made!


Well, since the old thread couldn’t be brought over, I’ll go ahead and re-post my Google Drive folder of edited backgrounds.

[EDIT 3/6/19: Access to my drive has been temporarily removed, per the discussion in this thread. Please do not email me about it right now.]


Hey just wondering do we put credit or not? Also can we edit bits of it to add posters or whatever else like shoes in the bathroom and stuff like that thx

As far as credit is considered, “Background by Gimere” or somesuch will do. And for the edits, sure, but please note that as well.

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Here are some edits I have made:



I’d really appreciate if people if they use my photos please say Photo taken by M I C H E L L E which is on episode. Thx everyone

These r beautiful


I wanted to use some of these backgrounds (with credit of course!) How do I upload them to my story???


If you want to upload a background, you go to the art catalog and then click on this button:

Then click on uploaded to your account and then select image and you can upload them just remember that you have to wait for a bit cause you can only use them after episode has approved them :slight_smile:


Awesome thanks for the help! Yeah episode is taking forever to approve my cover art for my story :frowning:

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