OFFICIAL Episode-Gold Art Request Thread


Hello and welcome to Episode-Gold! We are a group of artists who love to help out the community, feel free to request from us!

   The things we do include:
  • Overlays
  • Special Art
  • Character Edits
  • Covers
  • Background Edits

When requesting we ask of you to follow some rules:


We Have Decided To Delete The Forms Due To The Fact That It Was Hard For Our Members To Keep Track. We Do Ask That You Fill Out An Art Scene Forum If That’s What Your Requesting!

Art Scene Request Form

Here Are Some Of Our Examples:

Teah Walker’s



Lara B’s



Crazy Girl’s




  1. If you have a preferred artist, please let us know!

To Our lovely Drama Starters

Wow you made it this far, I would have only read half…
Thank You For Choosing Episode-Gold Please Come again!

With Love,

Other info

INSTA: @goldepisode

I need story cover
Artist needed for art scene
Episode-Gold Art Request Thread
I would like a cover. Can someone help me?
I need a small cover
Art Needed For Stories!
Could someone make a story cover for me?
I need a cover for my new story
I need a episode story cover
I need a cover story please!
I need a episode story cover
Looking for an art partner
Can someone help me with a cover photo
Looking for a cover
How do you create a social media look alike background on episode?
In need of an small cover and large cover
Hi everyone! I need someone who make my first story's cover picture! :)
Anyone willing to create a cover photo for me?

I submitted a request earlier. Did you change the form or just the thread?

I need a small cover

Just the thread!

~ Giselle


Thanks! :slight_smile:


No problem!

~ Giselle


do you do tattoo overlays


Yes, I already have a lot done! Is there anything you want specifically?





Yes for sure, please fill out the forms and we’ll get your requests done ASAP!

~ Giselle


I was wondering, did this used to be episode-diamond? I made a request with them and for some reason it says they got flagged. But I noticed you guys have the same cover as them, well they posted the cover on their instagram, but I can’t find their instagram either.


To answer your question, this was not Episode Diamonds. But, me and the ones who made this group used to be in it, but we left because of certain reasons to start this group. We wanted to have a group with no fighting and drama. :heart:


Okay! Thank you so much. I think I will request for 2 covers later because I’m busy at the moment. :smile:


You’re welcome! I’m glad I could clear that up for you. :smiley:


My friend told me how good this group is to get splashes from… so I’ll take it.


Go somewhere, nobody cares about your negativity.


We have currently updated our thread! Here is where you can keep track of our updates!


I requested an art scene. But, I don’t know if I requested it a second time though


I submitted one :slight_smile:


I believe our artist is working on yours already!

Episode-Gold Updates

I’m working on yours!


Ok. Thank you