OFFICIAL Episode-Gold Art Request Thread


Should I pm you the details or just post them here?


Oh ok lol.




Hi Ladies!

Just wanted to see how my Art scene was coming along :relaxed:

@Teahwalker @Jasirella because you seem to be the most active members.


Hi, can someone make me a car overlay please?


Let me talk to the group and I will let you know :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks because I have art scenes requested to other groups (Not the same as requested here) and nobody has done my requests :frowning:


I personally don’t know @TeahWalker try to reach out to J if she is on discord if not dm her insta… idk whose art she is foing rn…


I requested art from her before which she said she would do but never did it :frowning:


When did you request?


At the start of July I think. This new bit of art I requested this week. It’s super simple too.


Well I will try to reach out to her…




Um… well I did do it. But you said that you didn’t want it anymore? Also, you weren’t the first person who asked for an art scene. I also had 15 art scene requests, and being the only person that do them…it gets a little hard.


I don’t exactly understand what do we have to do to ask something?


Just ask.