OFFICIAL Episode-Gold Art Request Thread


Ok, hope she’s alright! :hugs:


So sorry, I literally have a ton to do. But I promise it’ll be out this week! I’m so sorry.


It’s fine! Take your time! :heart:


Dear @Episode-Gold, I’m currently hosting the Episode Community Awards, this gives us a chance as a community to come together and reflect on the amazing figures/authors we have. Currently we’re in need for badges, is there any chance you could help us with creating some badges?


Of course! I’m a part of Episode Gold. Just tell us what you’d like! :heart:


Thank you so much, I’ll send you a PM. :heart:


You can leave the details here


Yes you can! :smiley:
~Teah (one of the presidents)


@Teahwalker which one am I doing?


Hi I requested an art scene but I wasn’t sure if was submitted because I didn’t hear anything about it. Is there a way to check if it got submitted?


What is the request?


It was for an art scene I filled out the form that’s above I just wasn’t sure if it was being worked on. I can resubmit the details if needed!


Pm me the details :grin:




I sent you the details!


I was wondering if someone can return this to a transparent overlay


devil screech


Are you guys still open?


Sorry for the late reply, but yes, we are! :heart:

Any good, free, friendly art scene artists?

Okay cool - I saw a devil screech and got a bit confused lol but just wanted to say you guys have great work