OFFICIAL Episode-Gold Art Request Thread


can I request backgrounds?


If you still need the cover, just send the details! :heart:


Can I request a splash please?


Never mind


Do y’all do edit requestss


I’m sorry, but I’m not really sure if this group is active anymore. :sweat_smile: Maybe you could try to request somewhere else?




okk, do yall have instagram so i can send yall the details on there??


Hey, is @JazzyReads still doing my art scene?


Im wanting an art scene made by Jasirella if I can!


hello i was widnering if someone can do me a background edit and have it done by today if possible please
pm me if you will do it as i want to keep it a secret thank you


Can I have an art scene?

Can the characters be kissing from a side view and could Jasirella do it?


I’m pretty sure we’re closed. :slight_smile:


Oh, okay


Are you closed? Lmao, I just entered the form :joy:


Yes, sorry, we’re closed. :slight_smile:


That’s fine :joy:


Sorry! :sweat_smile:




Can I join this group?