*OFFICIAL* Finding Writing Partners Thread

Alright, I have seen a lot of people asking, or trying to find writing partners for their stories.

So, lets get this thing going. Now. this is the OFFICIAL FINDING WRITING PARTNERS THREAD. . Everyone can join, find a partner(s), it could be more than one partner, yes, start making groups, and lets get this thing rockin.

So, if anyone needs a partner, I am open, and free to help anyone in need. Lets get some more people to join, and lets start getting in groups to help out each other.

Let’s go people. :point_down:t2::point_down:t2:


I need a writing partner

  1. I am available.
  2. We can start creating a group.
  3. if you need another partner, if i am busy, thats ok. It can be more than one partner to team up with.

@lanafrazer_episode I don’t think I’ll need another partner. I think 1 is enough to help. Would you like to co write?



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I have already started working on a story

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ok, so what do u need me to do?

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The whole plot is not yet ready so I wanted a partner to discuss and figure out the whole story and to help me code

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Can I help ??


Ok, focus on the plot first, then we will get to discussing the story, then the code.

Would you like to help us discuss the story? Once the plot is done, I am not really much of story ideas depending on the plot, but it is worth a try.

I have a rough idea of around half of the story but I don’t have all the minute details and the ending is still a blur. The characters are ready though

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Okay that’s good what can I do

You can help with figuring out the whole story if you want to become a partner

Now depending on how the plot fits with the title of yr story, we can discuss that.


alright, so what will the title be first.

Alright can I have a summary