*OFFICIAL* Finding Writing Partners Thread

I am, I meant to mention it’s with Limelight is that alright?

Yes that’s alright. I can do both :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blue_heart:

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Limelight is fine… :purple_heart:

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Hey! I’m looking for someone who could help me write my story, since i don’t have a lot of time at the moment to continue, because of work… I would need a partner. PM me or text me here, if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

I need help with my ink style story inbox me if you can help

I’m looking to start a writing group if you are interested check here


Looking to start a writing group! (Not a normal group)

Making Different Character Personas
Making different character looks
More Ideas (I get writer’s block sometime)

Message me

I have a story I think you could help me with what you list from your skills.

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I need a writing Partner good with advance story branching with choices that will affect the story line.

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I need a writing partner! I have already thought about what the story will be about and I have the cover, but it would be nice to talk to someone and make a story! Please? Reply if you’d like to partner up! Or group!


I need a writing partner to bounce ideas off of. I have the general plot of my story thought out of. I need help with scene ideas and dialogue.

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Hi, my name is Desiree (or Des) and I’m just starting out. I’ve been reading stories on the app for a while now and there’s been a few that have inspired me to get back into writing. I have most of my ideas written down and I’ve been trying to follow the guides on here to help me get further along. I have my characters; I’m in the middle of creating their outfits and writing down the traits and behaviors that I picture them to have. My biggest struggle right now is trying to get the hang of writing out the script and everything that comes with that. I probably seem pretty helpless right now lol… but I’ve never done this before. I guess the point of me posting on here is to see if there’s anyone out there that could help me get the hang of the more technical stuff. Or I’d be open to sharing my first story with someone who is more experienced. I haven’t written in a long time so I wouldn’t mind having help with it, whether it’d be one or two people to bounce ideas off of. I’d give you credit, obviously. You’d deserve it! I do work fulltime, but I normally am able to get done around 4pm (Central Time. I live in Minnesota.) I would still be able to communicate throughout the day though. You can message me through Instagram. My username is “des.writes”.
I also tried reaching out to the Episode community on there.
I want to learn everything that I may need to know!
Much appreciated!!


I’m in mountain time zone and I could really use a writing partner. I can code and do all that stuff but I would like someone to bounce scene ideas off of. My story is a romantic comedy and I can provide more detail if you can pm me or I can pm you. You will also receive full credit in each chapter.

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I’m very keen in helping you out! I’m a real life author by job so I love creating humor and romance scenes/stories. I can give you ideas/planning and character development etc. Also I love outfits <3 My ig is: monty.episode too so message me your story idea there :blob_hearts:

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I need a writing partner. I’m new to writing stories and I’d like to write one. I know how to do spot directing , overlays, and outfit choices. I need help with details and background characters. I have the plot so far and It’s in LL. I need help with details and background characters and ideas. If anyone would like to help please reply :slight_smile:

I can design your cast of characters with the free options, putting them in outfits with personality and a variety of memorable faces. I can help flesh out existing characters or design completely new and complimentary ones.

I can write dialogue for you, too!

DM me if interested <3

That would be great. you can message me on Ig at kay.epiii

An experienced limelight coder needed

Hi there, I’m just starting out to write stories in episode. So far it’s overwhelming for me and… my laptop :upside_down_face:
While I can do basic coding, it still hard for me to do spot directing, overlays and choice matters.
So I need a coder to help me out :grinning:
I envision my story to have choice matters that will influenced the ending. So I will need experienced coder.
Don’t worry… you won’t do coding by your own. Cause I will code anything that I can.
My time zone = UTC +07:00

For summary, you can PM me,
What I can tell here that the MC was born as a typical mean girl you usually find in cliche stories.
Genre = drama with romantic sub-plot (tbh this is supposedly parody but I don’t think I can make funny lines)

PM me if you’re interested :blush:


I’m am looking into writing my first story. It will be a romantic story with comedy and drama both mixed in. I already have my plot written out and found backgrounds with credits I would like to use.

However I am needing some help with coding and art. Anyone who would be willing to help me please dm me or find me on Instagram @amberd.episode

Thank you in advance!

H, I would be willing to help you. I am experienced with art, and i’m pretty good with coding. I followed you on insta mine is @pabepisode2019.

I’m totally down for it. I’m making a new story and it would be nice to have a friends opinion and help each other