*OFFICIAL* Finding Writing Partners Thread

How do you PM very new to the fourm.

I don’t know what IG is or how to PM. I’m old school lol

Hi are u still looking for a writer partner cause I’m interested. I’m new too but it would be fun!

Click on the persons name then go to message and write what you want that’s pm short for private message

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I knew what Pm means just didn’t know how to do a PM lol.

BUMP! Keep finding partner people XD

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In need of writing partner… In new at making a story and need some help w/ coding I’m starting to learn but am still a little confused also I’m willing to learn

I’d love to help.
PM if yoir interested

I need a writing partner / group. Still don’t sure what the main plot will be, but the genre is romance / drama.

I’ll be out writing partners partner

PM if you’re interested

hey :slight_smile: I’m looking for a writing partner. I’ve been trying to write a story for the past year and still no luck.
I have story line and plot down together I just really need some help with the coding XD, the genre is romance and the story would be in INK. please lmk if you would be willing to help me ")
you can message me on Instagram as well @laalibelzz

PM me and I can help!!!

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I thought it would be really cool if i could make a writing group were people could work together and achieve the goal of creating an episode story. I don’t have a storyline planned out so we can all start from scratch and brainstorm. I would hope that everyone is comitted and doesn’t just disappear without saying why. The positions are

  1. A artist(s)

  2. Experienced script writer/coder(s)
    @rickyy and @Danielle318 are two of them but the more the merrier :blush:

  3. Director

  4. Promoter(s) for social media,trailers,edits ect

  5. Storyliners

  6. Spellchecker

7.Character creator/Outfit designer(s)


Guys! Check out the thread by @Parix if ya wanna join we can add you to the PM

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Can I apply for the coder bit (I am experienced) and/or the character design and outfit design bit please?

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I would like to help with the storyliners

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Sure I am adding you to our group pm

Hello, I have my story plot but I need someone to come up with the general outline of each episode. If you can pm me I can give more details! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am new to the writing part of episode! I would love to have a writing partner or group. I am working on a story now, my first story did not go well. I need help with the directing, I am not sure what coding is but I am pretty sure I suck at that, and I would really need some one to do editing! I love thriller/horror/mystery and I have an idea for a story but I am unsure where to take it? I went to film school but writing for episode is totally different!! I hope I can find a writing partner because I love to create!!