*OFFICIAL* Finding Writing Partners Thread

How do you PM very new to the fourm.

I don’t know what IG is or how to PM. I’m old school lol

Hi are u still looking for a writer partner cause I’m interested. I’m new too but it would be fun!

Click on the persons name then go to message and write what you want that’s pm short for private message

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I knew what Pm means just didn’t know how to do a PM lol.

BUMP! Keep finding partner people XD

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In need of writing partner… In new at making a story and need some help w/ coding I’m starting to learn but am still a little confused also I’m willing to learn

I’d love to help.
PM if yoir interested

I need a writing partner / group. Still don’t sure what the main plot will be, but the genre is romance / drama.

I’ll be out writing partners partner

PM if you’re interested