*OFFICIAL* Finding Writing Partners Thread


Are we gonna discuss over here?


I was thinking the same thing. Lets talk in a group instead of spamming this chat. lol


Yeah lol. So can you start a group cuz im a new member and I have exceeded my limit


ok :wink:


Yes we can make a group chat to talk about it on ig if you want


I am currently away from my phone. So, I already did a group chat.


Can I help/join?


Hello everyone! I would like to find writing partner for my story. Already have a background and the understanding of plot, oh, and characters are already created.


Umm sure I’ll help , LL or ink


I prefer LL. Should we discuss details on prsvate messages?


yes, private message.


Could you make me a overlay? If you can, please text me on ig: Sanak.episode


Hi, can you help me out? I need someone to think of story idea and writing narration


Hii i also need a writing partner…im not really good at coding and placing the characters so if i could get a partner to help me…that would be awesome


ok. private message me


private message me.


I need my own partner for a new story I am writing. The whole plot is still a blur and it’s limelight.


Hi, I have a whole plot and stuff worked up just wanted a partner for fun and to help me out making the story line better and helping code I’m new at this. I will ofc be coming aswell just wanted a bit help to make the story even better and get a hang of coding and all since I’m new :slight_smile: thanks lmk if someone’s interested


I would love to help,can you private message me ?


I need a writing partner!!