*OFFICIAL* Finding Writing Partners Thread

What are some ideas? I’m looking for a plot writer! My original post is above

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Hey wanna talk through pm I have different ideas based on different genres

hey I would love to help you co write dm me on Instagram @emmawritesepisode if you still need help

Hey there! I’m looking for a writing partner or more like a coding partner.

I started writing a story a long time ago and I did all the coding, then stopped writing on Episode for a couple years and during the lockdown idk how nor why my story who had less than 1k reads now has 3.5k reads or smthg. So I figured out, I needed to rewrite it from the beginning correctly because my vision has “changed”. But I kinda lost all my coding abilities lol and it now takes me a lot of time to write the code. So it’d be great to have someone to code with me, it’ll be faster. And also give me some ideas for the plot :slight_smile:

I’m good with basic coding, but when it’s to make tappable overlays I suck (not that I’ve ever tried but I feel that it’s super difficult)

PM if you want to be a part of this! Sending love to all of you and I hope you’ll find a nice writing partner :relaxed:


Maybe I could help?

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I would love to find someone who can sometimes help me with the plot, character development and so on.
Im a good coder myself but sometimes I need a person who can hear me out and help me out everything in place
I also have an Instagram
(Proofreader also Wanted)


Hey, can I message you on insta ? :heartpulse:

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Sure! @val_episode_

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I’m looking for a co-writer for my new Romance story! I have few applicants but want to connect with as many people as possible!

I am new to writing on episode and need some help with the coding and development of my story. You would get full credit for your work.

I’m not sure if this really fits here but it kinda does

This is a writing group to meet new people, get help with story development and coding, and promoting your stories! Check it out!!

Hi. I’ve been apart of the episode community for over 4 years. And now,I would like to start my own story but I would like to write it with someone else. It will be mystery genre. If you’re interested in becoming my writing partner please reply here or easier if you message me on my Instagram: @melia_rose.episode
Thank you :blush:


i need a partner who can code, cause i have a story in mind but i can not code ;(

I can help!

Hey, I can help!

I need a partner who can code my story. You would get full credit for your work.

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Hi Zali,
I’d love to be your partner. I can code and I have nice ideas. If you haven’t picked a partner yet, I’d love to help. I can also send you a link of my unpublished story for you to see my work.

Hey everyone I am looking for a partner who will proof read, find backgrounds, some outfits, and any other random things I might need. I would like to primarily talk to you through Instagram. Let me know if your interested.

hi, i’m interested just text me at episode.firee on instagram

hi i need some help writing a story not a vary good coder if your interested you can reply here or dm me on insta @emarie.wright