*OFFICIAL* Finding Writing Partners Thread

Contact me on my insta @kr_brissa1x I can help with script coding/directing and art

Saw this post and was like YESSS! Anyways, if anyone needs someone to proofread their scripts for potential mistakes and provide feedback/edits, hit me up!

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I would love some coding and art help if your still offering some help. You can dm at hiddenrarity.episode or hiddenrarity_

Hey. I would love some one to proofread my script. If you still have some time I’m currently working on my first story. You can contact me on Instagram at hiddenrarity_ or hiddenrarity.episode.

Hi I need a writing partner to help with coding and help with the plot a bit I have a idea of what I want to do plz contact me by insta @hannah_xoxepisode

Hi, I’d love to work with you on scripts! My IG is alita_episode, so let me know if you’re still interested/looking!

Hello! I need someone who can help me fix some holes in my plot. Someone who can also be a tester. Just like a person who will help me with a few things in my upcoming story. It has romance (no cliche) mystery, serial killer and much more :3

Hi everyone,
I need a writing partner for my story Beyond My Reality. I’m not very good at directing and coding so I really need help for it.
If you’re interested please write me on Instagram: manuelam.episode
Thank you in advance! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: