*OFFICIAL* Finding Writing Partners Thread

I need someone or some people to help me write this fire story that is brewing in my mind. I tried to make it myself, but it turns out that it is really hard to make. I have the general plot of the story, but I would like more detail and actual help in creating the script itself. Much appreciated.

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like with what coding art

What is that? Sorry, I’m dumb lmao.

Splash’s and covers and character cards

Still not following…

like this

this is a mood board
this is a splashs
this is a character card
this is a cover

I literally just made this, but this is all I have for now.

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would you like me to make you some cover and character cards as well as splashes

That would be much appreciated.

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ok so i just need the name how many character you want on the cover and what the characters look like

in need of a writing partner

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i can help if you would like

hey um do you still need help if you have found someone else i understand

I am looking for a fan fiction writing partner, who is interested in The Mighty Ducks trilogy movies, Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, One Tree Hill, Riverdale, Beverly Hills 90210, blue bloods, and once upon a time. If you are interested in writing about these subjects my Twitter account is @xoxSweetHeartxx and my IG is @xoxsweetheartxx . P.S. I need someone who has a lot of free time on their hands and who doesn’t ditch me after one or two days after talking/writing.


Hello everyone i’m looking forward to have a writing/coding partner for my(our) new upcoming story Y.O.L.O its basically a reality love game show and I would really love to collab with anyone whom is willing to invest in the story and I don’t mind having more than one partner either :slightly_smiling_face: lets create some fun :orange_heart: P.S. also must have a lot of free time and can talk and communicate it can be via instagram or text messages i’m all for it but just someone who will be committed and not ditch me after a few days.

My instagram is sincity.episode


I’d love to help

I’m new on episode.
Not really new, but new with writing my own story.
I have to say this sh*t is difficult. :’)
Is there someone who wants to co-write and help me with the codes.
I have an idea for the story but I would also like to write it in the thoughts and feelings of two main characters.
So maybe i can write the feelings of one and someone else can.
It is a lgbtq story and the main characters are male.

Please let me now if you are interest.
I’m from the neterlands by the way. :smile:

See ya

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Hiii, I have never made a story before (just random ones I never completed and made for fun, with friends and never published) and I am looking for someone that would like to help me co-write (preferably someone who is experienced in the coding aspect).

I would like to a storyline like a high school drama (kind of like mean girls) but with some romance and with a darker twist.

Let me know if you are interested! :blush:


Hello, I’ve been looking for a writing partner too, but I don’t really have much coding experience in episode portal… but I’ve also studied python and html in school so coding shouldn’t be a big problem for me (or atleast I hope so lol) let me know if you’ll be interested partnering with me :heart: