Official friend thread

Ok so Ive been seeing many people creating threads looking for friends. And then when people say oh u can pm me no one PM’s anyone soooooo. Then they create more and more and more and…

This is a reall thread to make friends! U can tag some of your own friends as well!

1 Like is my friend! :heart:

Sorry we haven’t really chat in the previous thread. Im quite busy and im here from time to time to help the community or just to look around :eyes: Have we fxf in IG yet?

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I don’t understand

A few tags

@Maggie4 @Randomwriter07 @Ebony2 @Me_and_Mel @braily


It means i follow u, u follow me.

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I’d love to make friends :yay:

Me 🙂🙃🙂🙃

Well, my name is Melina, but call me Mel. I love running, and occasionally doing gymnastics. I also love pizza, but then again, who doesn’t? I can be really awkward at times, but I’m not that awkward online. uMm I’m an introvert, and I love night time ok that was really random :joy:
So yeah, that’s about it. PM if you wanna talk about anything :blob_hearts:

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I only have a personal insta for my friends and family only

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Sum more tagz cos why not

@episode.mistletoe @DivCp @Nagaya @ayo.akinbodunse

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@Golden.aura @Ashnoor

@Ashnoor I’ve been seeing u create a lot of friend threads so yeah, here u go

Aw, thanks for the tag!

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