Official Help Thread!

Hey! :raising_hand_woman:
I’ve noticed lately that a lot face problems when writing and ask for help. I’m a writer on episode and am aware of most of the script codes. So if you need help, feel free to ask here! :relaxed:
I’ll reply as soon as I can. :grin:
I hope this’ll be helpful :revolving_hearts:


Ahhhh nice threadddd

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Hey, i’m kinda new here :grin: could you tell me how to make the character for a example at layer -1 exits from the same layer? i mean if i write “exits right/left” the character will zoom in while exiting

Hey there :raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman:
I’ll send a message !:revolving_hearts:

Just wondering if you have any tips or tricks for a beginner?
thanks :grin:

Hey! Sure, I’ll send some!

Hello :blush: i’m new and i’m writing my first story and i feel kinda stupid for this :sweat_smile: but how do i make a character walk in/out of the screen?:thinking: please help:fearful: :heartpulse:

Hello! :raising_hand_woman:
First of all, it’s normal to have such questions, we all had such questions at some point. So feel free to ask whatever you want :revolving_hearts:

To let them walk in, use
@CHARACTER enters from left\right to screen left\right\center
for example, if I want my character whose name is A :stuck_out_tongue: to enter from left to screen center, I’ll write

@A enters from left to screen center

And to let the character exit, use

@CHARACTER exits left\right

Hope this helps, if you have other question I’m ready to help :heartpulse:

Feel free to ask whatever you want guys❤

Ok so how do I get a building to expolde ik I need overlays, sounds, backgrounds but where do I find them or could someone send me a template of how to do it

Actually you need to work on ot
I don’t think there’s a template or something
You need to do the backgrounds and use sound effects

Where can I get a building exploding I couldn’t find any

Pics of building exploding on Google where do I get a building and it’s destruction look

You can see if someone can do the background for you
And there’s a background in episode of a old town house one damaged and one normal
It’s called

Do u have any recommendations for people who can make good backgrounds??

No not really but if you search in the art resources section you’ll find lots of threads

How do I zoom on a person like my character



And pans to other characters??

   DAD (talk_angry_arms_crossed)

@zoom on 0 340 to 155% in 2

    DAD (talk_angry_arms_crossed)

@zoom on 52 356 to 239% in 2

    DAD (talk_angry_arms_crossed)

@zoom on 89 368 to 388% in 2

    DAD (scream)

the error said I can’t have one character following another how do i fix this error??

Read this: