Official List of Artists who do Commissions! (2020)!

Hello everyone. This thread is for the promotion of all the commissioned artists out there. Since there are so many, it makes it tougher to find them and their stunning arts. So, to make easier, I give you Official Commission Artist List (2020) where you can find all the current active commission artists both on Instagram and in forums!

It contains a total of 39 artists now. eep never expected that i would find these many lol.

So, below you can find the google document containing the artists, their examples and their price ranges. Contact them accordingly and also the place of contacts is also mentioned to make it easier. And no DRAMA!

For the amazing commission artists out there, this is purely for your promotion and I will be suggesting this thread wherever I find someone in need of a commissioned art. So, if you want your name to be on this list, pls hit me a PM. either in forums or on my IG @epi.enchantress !

  • The List will always be updated whenever I find to do it! It will mostly be once in a month!

Here comes the list!

So, if you like to see more in future, make sure to follow me on my @epi.enchantress since I can come up with some crazy ideas like this anytime lol which could be helpful for you. If you want you can check out my stories in my bio too. your wish. Overall, I hope this list helps many and can anyone can share with those who need it and

Don’t forget to credit me when you do so either if u share in forums tag me @Madhu and if in ig, mention my acc name @epi.enchantress. Feel free to bookmark this thread for future uses! :heart_eyes:


Awesome idea👍


thank you! I just posted it on my ig too let’s hope i get the list soon after the artists reply and if u know someone feel free to tag them


What a great idea. Thank you for including me.


ur welcome! :heart_eyes:

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Thankyou for including me ghost buddy :heart_eyes::joy::ghost:

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MY pleasure buddy! :ghost: :ghost: :heart_eyes:

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if I had not already drawn one for my magica entry story I properly would have commission someone.


i am sorry to hear that but you can always use this for future purposes because this list will be always be updated :slight_smile:


Bump! if you know any other artist not in the list let me know!

Lana Augustine : @LanaAugustine


i just dmed her on ig. If she’s interested she will soon be on the list ty for recommending her :smile: @LanaAugustine hello Lana, just letting you know i dmed you on IG.

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bump! Any new commission artist interested to be on the list, feel free to pm here on on ig dm @epi.enchantress anywhere is fine. This list has been active since 1 month from February! yay! Hope this is becoming useful to everyone out here!

List to be updated today with more artists! Be sure to check them out! Feel free to share! :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:



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The list is to be updates with a few more artist today so keep an eye out! Once again i hope this is helpful to everyone! All the artworks are great do check out the artist and select the one u like and want to your art! Do share this thread to who u find in need of it!

If you know any artsit who do commissions, ask them to contact me so they can be in the list! I dont want to miss out on anyone!

I do commissions

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do pm me then i will be glad to add you

I Do Commissions Not much ppl ask me cuz im a tiny little egg pod in the episode world lol

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haha its fine if u want be on the list u can PM me!