*OFFICIAL* Looking For A Story Thread

This thread is for people looking for a story.

  1. Stay on topic
  2. Give a description of as much as you remember
  3. Only comment episode stories your looking for (aka no promotion of other apps)
  4. No promo. This is not a promotion thread but rather for people to find that long-lost story.

About this thread:
What you do is you comment a description of a story you read, or are looking to read but can’t find. Then if someone knows something similar or thinks they might know the story they can comment it. I made this thread because in the past few days I’ve seen at least 10 threads about people looking for stories. I did resaerch “aka searched the forums” and found many people look for stories. SO why not have an official thread.

When looking for a story- Description and put this image
Once you found the story put this image instead.

When Replying with a possible story- Story Name by Story Author. (That’s it)

Hope this helps.


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Bump-incase anyone needs.

Bump-incase someone needs it



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Hey there! Im trying to find an old Story that I once read and i was hoping if somebody knows the tittle of it? It took place in port winston and i remember the MC had two girl friends and they went there because they were hoping to find answers for the MC mom, there was also 3 dudes that were also looking for answers and then there was also a part where the MC gets pushed off the lighthouse by her aunt the details are very vauge but I hope someone can help me

Also welcome @http.jasmine.l

(if someone knows which story please comment)