Official Magicka RFR list! Drop your entries!

Hello everyone! for those who are entering the Magicka contest. I created this thread for RFR! I mean like whoever is interested in doing RFR with anyone feel free to post your stories in this thread! Since i guess we have 12 days approx for the deadline, I hope it’s the right time to open this thread. Anyone can do rfr with anyone in here!

  • Plus, I am gonna become free for two weeks after my exam on Saturday, so I can read as many stories as you wish and I will try to get infinity passes since fantasy is my fav genre to read. So, yep, I am OPEN for RFR! If u have IG, I will contact you there, mine is @epi.enchantress and if not, I will contact through your PMs.

  • All you need to do is post the necessary details for RFR. I have made up a small format for you guys to make it easier. Every story will get a free shoutout on my IG @readbyenchantress and also it’s a chance for the ones who don’t have IG to get out their story!

  • Bookmark this thread and let us help each other as we always do! Good luck to my fellow authors!


  • Story Name:
  • Description:
  • When you are available?:
  • To be contacted through, forums 's PM or IG’s DM?:
  • If ig, Drop your IG acc here:
  • Cover: (this is to make it easier to find your story)

I hope that it covers all. If I missed or I need to add something to help you guys, pls let me know!

Now, drop your stories!

Note The reads are only considered after the deadline so make sure that U read the contestants stories after the deadline.

I am looking forward to reading all of your creative stories, I will support as much as I can!

Names of stories that accept RFR and place to contact them:
(make sure to check them all)

  • Magicka: Sun and Moon by @connie.episodes on IG

  • Magicka: The power of music by @episode.honeyy on IG

  • Magicka: Ethereal by @line123462 on forums

  • Magicka: The Staff of Uresior by @lanafrazer_episode on forums and @lanafrazar.episode on IG

  • Magicka: Zero by @josiej8 on forums and @Josiej8 on IG

  • Magicka: Nathaniel - The Power of Light by @Auremiol on forums and @auremiol.episode

  • Magicka: Crossing Worlds by @PamV18 on forums and @episode.coffeezbeans

  • Magicka: Split by @rachel.epii on forums and @rachh.episode

  • Magicka: The Mighty Clueless by @neek on forums and @neek.episode on IG

  • Magicka: The four elements by @gabriels.episode on IG

  • Magicka: Pure Blood by @jacquelynewriter on IG

  • Magicka: Apotheosis by @episode.hannah on IG

  • Magicka: The Trials of Fate by @wrishi.episode on IG

  • Magicka: The secret kingdom by @Just_Natalie on forums and @natalie.kova.ep on IG

  • Magicka: Hidden World by @Dominique_Seth_Da_Si on forums and @bringer_of_chocolate_biscuits on IG

  • Magicka: Dark Star by @SilverLady on forums

  • Magicka: Princess Phillipa by @gremlin.writes on forums

  • Magicka: Fighting Fate by @KarolineMcRay19 Co- written with @rieka.creates on IG @karoline.writes and @rieka.creates

  • Magicka: Witches aren’t real by @RavenWrites

Few tags:

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This is great! Ill send mine when its published :heart:


Awesome girl! I just thought this would make doing rfrs easier for the contest!

  • Story Name: Magicka : ethereal
  • Description: When you stop to help an unconscious man, a mystical creature hides in your bag. Now, you must hide from the fairies hunting you! but who can you actually trust?
  • When you are available?: the 16 would fit best for me
  • To be contacted through, forums 's PM or IG’s DM?: pm here is fine for
  • If ig, Drop your IG acc here: line123462
  • Cover: (this is to make it easier to find your story)

Awesome! And it is easy! :blush::sunglasses:


yep!! :heart_eyes:


Story Name: Magicka: The Staff of Uresior

Description: When evil conquers the land of Terwen, a magical staff is bestowed to a human. Will he be the one to restore peace among the lands? Will his friends and allies remain by his side?

When you are available?: All day, everyday.

To be contacted through, forums 's PM or IG’s DM?: You can contact me on forums and instagram.

If ig, Drop your IG acc here: @lanafrazer.episode

Cover: (this is to make it easier to find your story)


@line123462 @lanafrazer_episode Added! and i am interested for rfr with you both! i will dm you on March 16 to start!




@lanafrazer_episode quick question, can i tag all the authors in your thread here that is the one that you made the list of magicka enteries so that they know about this will that be okay or?


Of course! :heart:


I won’t be doing any read for reads. But, I’ll try to read as many entries as I can. :black_heart:


Hello, I’m not interested in doing r4rs. Good luck in the contest everyone! :purple_heart:


Magicka: Zero

When a dare back at wizard school goes wrong, Sebastian is given additional magical abilities. Now he uses those to help the community. Join his adventures and see what he gets up to.

I don’t really have an availability. It’s when I’m free but I’ll try free up some time after the deadline to read entries.

Instagram: Josiej8
You can also PM me here but I prefer Instagram.


Hello! I am sorry but I don’t want to do R4R.


@josiej8 I am interested in rfr with you! i will send you a PM on march 16!!


Thank you for the tag! :books:

I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to give stories the kind of thought-out reviews they deserve. But my perception might be inaccurate since I haven’t done R4R before. Would these R4Rs need time set aside for constructive criticism or is it just to help others get reads for the 100 mark?


Ok!! I’m gonna read a load of entries anyway without R4R anyway. Follow me on Instagram: @josiej8 and look out for a post on March 17th where I will ask you to post links in the comments x

I’m gonna start doing mine on March 17th cause of the time zones xx


Yeah those are just your thoughts on about the story when u read it and also rfrs mean read for read u read 3 chapters of mine and i read 3 from yours

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Okay! Thank you. I’ll think about whether I can commit to R4R and come back at a later time.