Official outfit creator needed for my story (LIMELIGHT)

i need someone to design outfits for all my main characters and the supporting characters too

Mia - main character

  • airport outfit
  • 3 sleep outfits
  • 9 school outfits
  • 3 casual outfits
  • 3 gym outfits (school)
  • 3 different waitress outfits (all black)
  • 3 club outfits
  • 3 laze around the house outfits

Jaxon & Anton - brothers Jaxon is the Love Interest
they are rich but they arent the showy rich
Jaxon the billionaire has a full body tattoo so in places like on a date and the club the tattoo should be shown

for jaxon ii need

  • 3 date outfits
  • 3 Casual outfits
  • 3 office outfit
  • 3 mafia boss style outfit
  • 3 club outfits
  • hospital visit outfit


  • 3 casual outfits
  • 3 school outfits
  • a hospital visit outfit
  • 3 gym outfits

message me if you can help :slight_smile:

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I can help you. I love creating outfits. You can DM me on my instagram @_amazing_dreamer to discuss further.

cant message you follow me on @lisacominswrites

@LISAANNEMARIEE if you ever need outfits done in the future you can come visit my digital boutique :see_no_evil:.

Edit: I think I posted this two times, please disregard the second one if I did :pleading_face::woman_facepalming:t2:. I didn’t mean to spam! Sorry :neutral_face:.

i can be ur outfit creator…
this is my shop

hey happy to help if you still need! :slight_smile: x